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At Studio Pilates Almería, we are willing to help you unleash your full potential, moving, feeling your body, changing your internal world with intelligence and implementing it in your external world in a coherent, healthy and brilliant way, from a deep awareness of who you really are, to discover that light that you carry inside and live more fully

Throughout my years of experience, I have witnessed wonderful transformation processes, where chronic pain, frustrations, fears have been left behind and where many dreams have come true.

But let’s not forget that what lies behind that is a deep reconnection with who each person really is.

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Feel what you move

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At Studio Pilates Muévete we want to transmit to you a philosophy of life that teaches us to live better and feel our body without pain, teaching you to listen to your body through your mind.

We work and merge several disciplines to be able to carry out learning in which new connections can be created (neuroplasticity) and thus enjoy multiple benefits, among which are both physical and mental agility, improving health and increasing self-coexistence in everything. what we do.

The focus is on finding what each person needs to be able to live more satisfactorily. For some this means getting rid of certain pains or discomforts, for others improving their performance or feeling better about their own body.

We work, among others, on recovery processes after injuries, recurring pain, postural improvement, elasticity, control or strength, seeking that each person finds in our method its benefits according to their objective.

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